Is Great Leadership a Real Thing?

Or are we chasing unicorns?

Judging Leaders

As a coach, I have been trained to approach my clients with unconditional positive regard, suspending judgement, assuming nothing and questioning everything from a place of curiosity. Maybe in my journey to dive into the topic of leadership, I have not applied these principles in a way that would enable my own learning and understanding. I’ve heard many leaders say that they want their teams to understand that they are also human, but I’ve not really embraced this. I’ve not really defined what this means, and I have not interrogated this sufficiently from a place on non-judgemental curiosity.

Can Leaders be Great at Everything Simultaneously

A key question that I keep coming back to is: Are we holding up our leaders to unattainable standard? Given the complexity of the elements that a leader must deal with every day, can we and should we expect our leaders to be simultaneously “great” across all elements of leadership?

Leadership Pressure and Impact

If you consider your career and your job, consider how you prioritise your work and your focus. Consider the consequences of your decisions: is it likely that the trajectory of the entire business could change based on your one decision? Is it possible that your decision could lead ultimately to the failure of the entire business? Will someone lose their job and their financial security because of the decisions that you made today?

In Support of Leadership

The reality is, like most things in life, great leadership is a journey.

  • I believe that great leadership makes a real difference to people and businesses.
  • I think that great leadership is really about a constant focus on learning, adjusting, reflecting, and taking calculated risks.
  • I think that great leadership is enabled not only by a leader’s own skills and mindsets, but by the skills and mindsets of those around them.
  • I think that real leadership comes from a place of transparency, humility and often vulnerability



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Sally Egerton (Wade)

Sally Egerton (Wade)


Mother of twins, wife, sister, cousin, animal lover, horse rider, coach, consultant, writer and hustling to make my mark